The Mysteries of Hollywood, Part 2 - Film Option Renewed

Previously, I wrote a blog entry about having my novel, The Other Typist optioned by Fox Searchlight Pictures and Keira Knightley

I made a lot of jokes about how, as a writer, you get all excited, you sign the contract, and then… wait around… and wait around some more.   

The moving parts that go into green-lighting a film project are many.  A screenwriter is needed.  A director is needed.  The studio needs to sign actors they believe will get folks to the box office.  (Relevant aside: Actors have lives, too.  Someone integral to the project might, I dunno, get married and have a baby.  Or go make a mega-blockbuster action film that interferes, or... any number of things can come up.)

I'm no expert on any of that, and all I know is that most novelists don’t really have much to do with the development process.  You get the occasional thoughtful check-in courtesy call, but in my experience, that’s about it.  In the meanwhile, people will offer all kinds of advice and ask you all kinds of questions – questions to which you don’t have the answer.  These questions and comments may include things like: “Hey, can I be in the movie?” or, “When does it come out?  Will it be playing in my town?” or, “Hey, my mom thinks {fill-in-Hollywood-actress’s name here} would make a really good Odalie.” 

I can’t really answer or respond to most of those questions and remarks, because to tell the truth, I spend my days hiding in my little hole, writing my next novel, and I have no idea what they are doing out there in Hollywood. 

But I will say, I just got an email tonight with the news that they’re renewing the film option thru May 2017.  So that was a nice little check-in.

Will there be a film version of the The Other Typist in the near future?  Who knows!  If there’s one thing I can say for Hollywood, it’s that they certainly know their way around suspense. 


And now, back I go to do some more writing in my little Hobbit hole…